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Bride and Groom Face Masks

£2.00 £1.80

.jpg or .png images only please

.jpg or .png images only please

Minimum Order Requirement is a Qty 4 Masks to cart. 



Face Masks for the Bride and Groom or partners,  Add a minimum QTY of 4 masks to the cart! you can then use 2x different images, eg Bride and Groom or Partners etc, we'll then make masks of both attached photos but you need to add a minimum QTY of 4 to cart, just let us how many of each photo you require from the total added to cart.  It's up to you, you can have all the masks of bride or the groom, you can split between them, it's completely up to you.  

Printed on thick A4 size printing card, available with elastics or sticks, we even offer the Ready to Wear Masks. Simply select from below.

Example,  if you need 10 masks in total, enter a quantity of 10 then use the "Qty of groom & Qty of Bride" telling us how many of each photo to print from the total Quantity you entered, in this case 10.

Orders below 4 will be cancelled. 

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