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Custom face masks are reusable strong and long lasting, 
get your masks made today and make a night to remember.

Party Face Masks are ideal for all Stag Nights or Hen Do Parties, Birthdays, Bah-Mitzvahs, office party, Perfect for Wedding Day Events or Music Festival Celebrity.

Not sure if the photo will work ?🤔
Click Here we'll check it first !

Are you looking to make your celebration party the best ever? what about all your guests wearing the face of the person or persons you are celebrating, whether it be for the stag or hen, maybe the guests of a wedding or someone's birthday, an ideal send off for someone retirement, teachers leaving party, the masks are also great fun for kids parties.

We can print large orders for corporate events, celebrity masks with

ADVERTISING printed on the rear.

The masks are printed on 350gsm Printing Card, the eye holes are punched out to a 12mm size, we punch holes for the supplied cut to length ready to tie on flat 4 core white elastics or we supply 200mm x 20mm wooden sticks ready to peel and apply to the rear of the masks.

All we need from you is a clear sharp photo of the persons face, the more forward facing the face the better, the more like a passport photo would be the better, if the photo is no good we'll ask you to try another, orders are not sent until we and or you are happy to proceed.

Once the masks are processed we dispatch the same day in a plain weather proof packaging by either first class or special delivery by Royal Mail. We have a selection of Personalized Party Face Masks to choose from. We can also offer Celebrity Face Masks on request or Click Here to see our Stock of Masks All our customized masks are unique to you and made especially for you.

We have Fully cut photo face masks supplied with elastics, we also provide Fully Cut Masks personalized party masks with Sticks. Personalized face masks on sticks are an ideal alternative to masks with elastics when the face is turned slightly. We offer DIY Self Cut Mask Kits again with elastics or with sticks for those of you who wish to cut the masks out themselves.

The elastics are supplied cut to length, simply tie on the masks using the ready punched holes.

The sticks are supplied ready to peel and apply on the rear.

The custom face mask printings arrive with the eye holes already punched, let us know if you wish to keep the eyes in. We can supply Personalised Face Masks using 2 3 4 5 or more different photos in the same order, we also offer using all different photos if needed click here

All photo printed face masks are printed on thick mat white Printing Card for that quality none reflective photo quality personalised face mask.

The cut out masks arrive fully cut around the face and hairline, we then punch the eyes holes out and we punch the holes for the elastics or not if using sticks.

The party masks are perfect Hen Do Face Masks and Great for Stag Party Photo Masks or the grooms face on a stick. We no longer sell personalized face masks on Amazon this helps keep costs down and a more personalized service directly with you.

The made to order personalised party face mask arrive to you either fully cutout or as a self cut kit.

All our Custom Photo Face Masks are available with FAST NEXT DAY DELIVERY SERVICE Personalised face masks delivered to Ireland and the USA Machine punched 12mm eyes holes, Supplied on sticks or with elastics with holes punched on either side for the ready cut to length elastics or self adhesive sticks, simply tie on the elastics or peel and apply the sticks on the rear.

We use professional Photo Color Printers for that real photo quality finish Brilliant for Hen Night Parties, Stag Night Parties, Lads Stag Nights out, Girls Hen Nights out, Birthdays Parties, Retirement even Business Events to break the ice. Our Party Face Masks are great fun, excellent quality, !!!

Make a Night to Remember !!!.

Now also available on Sticks !! Masks On Sticks Send us your forward facing, funny,
smiling photo and we'll do the rest.

Most Social Media Photos are compressed in resolution so when cropped and then enlarged the results can be pixelated, if the photo is already a more closeup on the face we can upscale the image for better results. Original Photos always work the best but send what you have and we'll advise either way.

​Great Party Face Masks using your supplied photo. We can enhance Facebook photo's where possible or we will contact you if we need you to try another.

Custom wearable party face masks are a really great laugh for Hen Do Nights, Stag party Nights, Birthday Parties... Make a night to remember, buy our top quality life size A4 board face masks that are printed using high quality image photo board.

Please Email your Photo to:- facemasks@printmymasks.co.uk
Facebook picture can be use if they are close-up of the face, if it won't work we will ask for another

Please please leave all the cropping or cutting to us, just send the full photo,
we have the tools to get the best from the photo.

All we need from you is a good quality photo, ideally forward facing !
directly from the camera, memory card, mobile phone or whatever was used to take it with.

The bigger the photo looks on a computer screen the better.

You can also use an old scanned photo, again scan it at a high resolution ideally 300dpi will do just fine, please make sure whatever you send us is a forward facing photo and as close up to the face as possible. "the more of an expression the funnier it is..."

Any and all quantities can be produced, we aim to send out all orders the same or next working day but please allow more time for large orders (64 or more) for urgent requests we can arrange special next day delivery by Royal Mail if ordered and ok'd by us before 10am.

Go on get crazy and have yourself a night to remember....


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Learn More about Personalized Face Masks Here on PartyGirlsandBoys.com

A hot seller and popular for parties, personalized face masks are bound to be a hit for all events.
Whether a themed party, stag or hen night, or even a dinner party,
get people into the fun with these great look-alike novelties.
Available in various order sizes, styles, and materials,
these personalised face masks are bound to make an already fun event memorable.
What features are available with the personalised face masks?
Just like other sellers who sell face masks, ukpartymasks, Print my Masks, Printster

When it comes to features for these customized masks, there are many combinations from which to choose. Browsing our listings quickly reveals the multiple possibilities to choose from, including pre-assembled masks versus a kit, a wide variety of colors, mask construction material and pre-cut eye holes, etc. Check with us first to see if we can offer any additional customization elements to further enhance your Masks.

What specifications and varieties of personalized face masks are available? Again, you will find a wide variety of personalised face mask options. Some of the basic categories and specifications to think about with your face mask selection are: Brand - Both branded (e.g., Lord Fox) and unbranded masks available Material - Photo paper / white printing card, Fully Cut / pre-assembled Ready to Wear, pre-hole-punched DIY kits but not assembled, and unassembled kit (i.e., do-it-yourself (DIY) kits) Occasion - Stag or hen party, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, business meeting/conference event,
Christmas, and any other occasions as you see fit.
The customized mask kits will typically include everything needed for a full and complete mask.

This includes things such as the eye holes pre-cut, fixers, and/or elastics to attach so you can easily and quickly put the mask together. Are there minimum or maximum order limits? Listings for both commercial and personal orders are available here on our website. Minimum orders from just one mask to unlimited orders, personal orders, we offer commercial services and can accommodate larger, bulk orders.
For these personalised masks though, Check with us for details regarding whether there are any maximum or minimum amounts needed for the order, any additional order requirements (e.g., photo quality, etc.), and other pertinent information before buying. What is the process to have these personalised masks produced? Once you have settled on a type of mask, we will specify the steps necessary to produce the masks. Generally, you will be required to submit a high-resolution (Hi-res) photo for which the masks is based. If the picture is not adequate for a good mask production, the seller will usually work with you to ensure that you submit the necessary photo format to produce a mask for your occasion. Dispatch the same day depends on the quality of your photo. 
*Excludes Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

Contact us on 07541 757522 by Text or Whatsapp Email facemasks@printmymasks.co.uk
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